Managing Difficult Conversations

Managing Difficult Conversations

Most of us have faced having a difficult conversation at some point in our lives.  Perhaps it was having to tell someone at work that their behaviour was negatively affecting you.  It may have been have been telling your boss about a concern you have about the workplace.  It could have been having a discussion with a fellow manager about their personal approach to an issue.  Stakes are high in these types of conversations – that is what makes them challenging.  Having the conversation effectively takes skill.  This course will provide you with tips and techniques for approaching the difficult conversation.

Topics Include:

  • Self assessing present abilities for having difficult conversations;
  • The “do’s and don’ts” of difficult conversations;
  • Important ways to ensure a more successful discussion;
  • Understanding values and how they relate to difficult conversations;
  • Tips for preparing for the conversation;
  • Setting boundaries when necessary in the discussion; and diffusing emotional responses.

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