Is conflict between people destroying your work environment?

Is conflict between people destroying your work environment?

I help organizations resolve conflict so that people can focus on their work.

Conflict won’t go away on its own

Once relationships start to deteriorate, they tend to get worse, not better. It’s important to intervene (the earlier, the better) in order to restore a good working environment.


Left unchecked, conflict can lead to

  • Loss of your best workers
  • A reputation as an undesirable place to work and inability to attract new talent
  • Even more complaints, cynicism, absenteeism and staff turnover

In the worst cases, you may even be looking at human rights complaints, a civil suit for a hostile work environment or your employees requesting a union intervention.

It’s not too late to make your company a good place to work

With some help, we can turn everything around and you can look forward to:

  • Improved working relationships
  • Better communication – including a willingness to address issues, resolve conflicts and talk about “the elephant in the room.”
  • Happier staff – people who are re-engaged and re-energized about their work.
  • Fewer absences, less turnover of staff, better retention, and increased productivity – because people want to be there.

Your time will be freed up so you can get back to doing your job instead of putting out fires.

I’m Deborah White and I’ve been helping organizations resolve workplace conflict for over 20 years

Conflict resolution is primarily about communication. Listening. Empathy. Hearing each other out and coming up with agreements that everyone can live with.

When we have the difficult conversations, tension will drop and there will be a shift in the norm of “conflict avoidance.”

With the right interventions and/or skills training, people will become more comfortable and confident about addressing issues, rather than pretending they don’t exist. Healthy conflict is actually a good thing!

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“Peace is not the absence of conflict, but the ability to deal with it.”

~ Gandhi