Client Testimonials

I hired Deborah to teach a class on Difficult Conversations.

Our managers know that they need to work with employees who are struggling or who are not doing things right. Sometimes they need to take corrective action, yet they don’t, because the conversation can be awkward. It’s human nature to avoid situations that are uncomfortable – and that’s what the managers were doing.

I was happy with the message and the way the class was delivered. Deborah is very upfront; she doesn’t mince words. She taught us to be honest.  It isn’t easy to go through Deborah’s workshop because she takes you through it – you have to actually practice it. I’ve been to lots of workshops that are “fluffy” – inspiring and encouraging while you’re there, yet when you get home, you say “Yes. But how am I going to do it?” Deborah offers practical knowledge and skills so you can hit the ground running.

I would recommend Deborah as a facilitator and a presenter.

~ Sheila Page, Director of Human Resources, University of Northern British Columbia

Love Deborah! I would absolutely recommend her.

In any large organization, there’s going to be conflict – between individuals and between managers and employees. We needed a constructive process to manage and resolve that conflict.

We hired Deborah to train our employees and they walked away with the tools they needed to manage conflict.

Deborah is great to work with. She’s open, frank and a delight to be around. She gets results.

~ Mitch Riabko, Great Works Consulting

Deborah demonstrates exceptional perception of issues

Deborah White is a highly skilled professional who I would highly endorse as a dispute resolution specialist in the areas of consulting, training and coaching.

She demonstrates exceptional perception of issues and provides positive communication skills to build sustainable outcomes. Additionally, her presentation skills are engaging, dynamic and effective!

~ Sandra Rossi, Director Human Resources, College of New Caledonia

Sample comments from anonymous feedback forms:

Out of all the PDT courses I have taken, this one is by far the best in my honest opinion. Everyone should take this course. Deborah was great!

Kept my interest the entire 2 days, lots of good information and very good time management.

Excellent workshop. I would recommend it.

What other trainings are available? Please come again! 🙂

Awesome. A lot of insight and knowledge. You are obviously passionate about what you do.

Great! Very clear and well explained.

The best part of the workshop? Deborah!!! Very good instructor.