About Deborah White

We grow through conflict. That’s where we get challenged.

Deborah White
Hi, I’m Deborah White

I have a great desire to help people grow as individuals. To help them see how powerful they are and how much control they have over their lives. We have choices.

We need to see conflict as an opportunity to learn something new about ourselves – rather than something to avoid.

I haven’t always handled conflict well.

I’ve been on my own personal growth journey for years – and I learned early on that as long as I avoided conflict, I avoided growth. Once I started learning about conflict, I saw how much it could teach me. That’s why I became an expert.

There’s also the bigger picture:

Conflict doesn’t just happen at work, it happens in our families, communities, churches, etc.

If we learn to handle conflict as individuals – it will improve our organizations, our families, and our communities.

What you can expect working with me

You can expect value. People describe me as honest, direct, up front. I give clear, constructive feedback.

Most people appreciate clear feedback and find it helpful. As one coaching client put it:

“No one’s ever told me this. Thank you.”

If we want to learn, we need feedback. We don’t do that well enough or often enough for each other.

My Official CV

Deborah White, B.S.W., M.A. (Applied Behavioural Science).

Deborah is an organization/management consultant, mediator and trainer whose successful practice focuses on organizational analysis, process consulting, feedback processes, resolving conflicts and re-constructing working relationships.

Deborah helps build teams, facilitates groups, coaches managers and employees to develop good negotiation and problem-solving skills.

In addition to having a private consulting practice, she is a senior trainer for the Justice Institute of British Columbia’s Conflict Resolution Certificate Program which is an internationally recognized alternative dispute resolution training program.


Deborah’s expertise has taken her into both public and private sector venues. Clients have included Imperial Oil, Sask Power, B.C.Transit, B.C. Hydro, University of B.C., B.C. Labour Relations Board, Metro McNair Group of Companies, Northern Telecom, Canada Post, Canadian, B.C. and Yukon Territorial Governments.

She has also worked with numerous unions such as the C.E.I.U., P.S.A.C. and the I.W.A. as well as a number of health care organizations, school boards, and municipalities. She has 20 years of experience in the human relations field and focuses on assisting groups to build agreements that clarify interpersonal relationships as well as solidify future directions.

Deborah has excellent skills in organizational development work and in mediating/conciliating and specializes in the following areas: process consulting, executive coaching, workplace mediation, organizational and multi-party facilitation and assisting with respectful workplace initiatives.